QUantra Bigfoot Capture Story, Separating Fact from Fiction

As everyone is well aware, there is lots of recent buzz about the potential capture of a Sasquatch. For the last 5 years, since 2007, one of the founders of Squatch Unlimited, Rob Gaudet, has been a member of the group where this news was shared, The Mid America Bigfoot Research Center (MABRC). Rob is also state director for MABRC.

Rob and the Squatch Unlimited team has interacted with MABRC through their well used forums and by attending many research investigations with Darren, the MABRC Founder, and many other members. We are also familiar with the organization that is claiming to have captured the bigfoot, QUantra, formerly ORIG-6, and with Ed Smith, the person who has posted about it in the MABRC forums. Thus, Squatch Unlimited is uniquely positioned to separate the facts from the fiction. We will be posting updates on this as we receive them.

Has a Bigfoot Been Captured?

What we know for now is that Ed Smith, through a group called QUantra, is claiming they have captured a bigfoot. MABRC is not involved in this event, Ed Smith published this news through the MABRC forums. This and all news about this incident IS originating from Ed Smith, a former member of the QUantra group. Ed says that although he is no longer a member of the group ORIG-6 or QUantra, he received a "Flash" message with the words "As of 0906 27 DEC 2012, "Daisy" is in the box.". Daisy was a term that QUantra had previously agreed to use if they actually had captured a specimen.

Ed says that he has since received further information from a member insider indicating that the creature was being moved and will be reviewed by individuals in the Bigfoot and scientific community with the proper credentials. They will decide on what to do with it once it has been examined. We can also say that it may have been captured inside of a large box type trap when it stepped on a trigger device located inside of the trap.

What do we know?

So far, Ed Smith has made a total of 2 posts.

Yesterday morning, Thu Dec 27, 2012 12:51 pm without notice, Ed Smith posted the following post on the MABRC forums.

******************Ed Smith**********************

Understand that I am no longer a member of the Orig-6 in its new form. All of my access to the databases and communication nexus were removed. I thought.

Today, I received a text from the "Flash List" routing server. The text is as follows:


December 27, 2012 10:09 AM
From: CINC - 6

As of 0906 27 DEC 2012, "Daisy" is in the box.


I believe this message is factually correct because when we referred BF while under observation we used the term "target".the designation was to change to "daisy" once captured.

This was never published or posted.

"CINC" is capture control and "6" is the chief or lead. No one else would have known this.

Plus the routing and IP information matches.
I believe that Quantra has a live specimen.

If this is correct then I congratulate them on a job well done.

Ed Smith


Eds second post....

Fri Dec 28, 2012 4:55 am he made this post.


It appears that an unprecedented event is in motion, having been on the inside of this operation and now observing from the outside is a defiant change.

So here is what I know: "Daisy" has been moved to a examination area about 12 miles from the capture site at 3:17 this morning after being properly sedated. The capture site and examination area are on private property leased and or owned in order to conduct research and operations of this type. This was confirmed by a source in the Quantra Group.

Here is what I don't know: The weight height hair color gender or location of capture. Or the health of the specimen.
Nor the actions leading up to the capture of the specimen.

Here is what I'm speculating: the examination team is continuing to assemble, examination should take 72 hours.

If they go by the plan then a decision about release or storage in a repository will be made with in 48 hours after the examination is completed.

If release is chosen then a press release should be forth coming after the examination is competed, if the specimen is sent to the repository then a press and information release would happen with in 30 to 90 days thats by the operations plan.

Reasons for moving the specimen to a repository include health issues, prolonged examination and on the darker side private investment group interests.

For clarity, the Original six was never part of the MABRC and the Original six ceased operations completely. Quantra was formed with elements of the O-6, new members, ownership and management. I'm posting this due to inaccurate reporting by some Internet news shows.

I would like to thank DW for posting information as I have been able to obtain it. I was out of town and unable to post my self.

There is an old Army saying "once the first round is fired all plans go out the window" I commend the Quantra Group for maintaining operational focus, I guess my advise on hiring ex-military operators was heeded.

In my opinion, there should be a press release within 48 hours if we get it I would be surprised, it seems they are playing this to the ink as it were.

I will be in touch.

Ed Smith


Who is Ed Smith?

Ed Smith was a former member of the ORIG-6 group, which is now known as QUantra. Ed has been a long time poster to the MABRC forums.

To be clear, Ed Smith is not a MABRC organizational member. Ed is however a regular poster on the MABRC forums, which are open to the general public, thus MABRC is only a conduit for this information from Ed. Ed's posts were always relevant to the research of the ORIG-6 group's findings. It is believed that Ed lives in Oklahoma, I am unable to confirm that with the forums down.

How is MABRC Involved?

As stated before, Ed Smith has been a long time contributor of the MABRC forums, he is not a MABRC Organizational member. Having been involved in the MABRC forums for several years, Ed has built up trust with the MABRC founders and has posted various interesting findings over the last half decade that he's been on the forums. MABRC is only posting what it knows directly from Ed and is urging patience.


Bigfoot Chicks interview with Darren Lee, the founder of MABRC.

BFC/SU: Who is Ed Smith?

D. Lee:  He is a Bigfoot field researcher and a member of our MABRC Forums.

BFC/SU:  What is "Original 6"? 

D. Lee:  the Original 6 was a group that formed about 12 years ago, of which, Ed Smith was a part.  They had a 10 year mission to collect as much evidence as possible to prove the existence of Bigfoot.  After the 10 years, Mr. Smith became burnt out and decided to leave the group.  The group then renamed itself "Quantra".

BFC/SU:  How is "Quantra" funded?

D. Lee:  Quantra is funded by it's members.  It is a group made up of doctors, lawyers, engineers, tech heads, etc.  They are men of substantial means and able to fund a serious operation out of pocket.

BFC/SU:  What kind of equipment does Quantra use?

D. Lee:  Every kind of high tech camera and gadget available.  It's all top of the line equipment and they have everything from ground sensors and wireless access points set up in trailers to IR cameras like what the border patrol uses, that have the ability to see 3 to 6 miles out.

BFC/SU:  Is Quantra a ProKill organization?

D. Lee:  While they have never made an official statement, all the evidence point to "NO".

BFC/SU:  Are they working with any sort of law enforcement or government agency on this?

D. Lee: No

BFC/SU:  How was the creature captured?

D. Lee:  A special trap, a box, with a pressure plate in the center.  The plate was set to go off at 350 pounds.  It closed up around the creature when it stepped on the plate.

BFC/SU:  What happens now?  Who will study the creature?

D. Lee:  Quantra has privately contracted scientist to come and study the creature.

BFC/SU:  Is Dr. Ketchum one of the scientists?

D. Lee:  Highly doubtful as Quantra is not a fan of Dr. Ketchum.

BFC/SU:  Where was the creature captured?

D. Lee:  That information has not been released.

BFC/SU:  Where is Quantra's main base of operation?

D. Lee:  They have these elaborate set ups in several places throughout the country.

BFC/SU:  Where can we learn more about this exciting event?

D. Lee:  All this information is being published on the MABRC forums.

[edit] We want to clarify the above post regarding the method of capture.

Darren knew the method they were using because it has been discussed for years on the MABRC forums by Ed Smith. Much of those posts are still on the MABRC forums for anyone who wants to see for themselves. Darren's point was NOT to imply that they had used this to capture a bigfoot, but only that this was the method Ed had indicated they were employing in previous discussions within the MABRC forums.


Second interview with Darren conducted by Bill Brock.

Bill Brock –Would it be okay if I asked you a few things. Thanks you Bill

DW Lee- U can ask Bill, just don't know if I can answer

Bill Brock– Do you really feel they trapped Bigfoot?

DW Lee – At this time, I am still in the air on it, I am working to find out
more information, I'm supposed to get more info this morning and may be
given permission to post it.

Bill Brock– Awesome. Sounds like your in the same boat as all of us..
What is your role with the group?

DW Lee – I have no part of the Quantra group, I am the Executive
Director of the MABRC, two distinct groups, in the past the Orig-6, the
group that evolved into the Quantra group used the forums to disseminate
their information, that was all the role we had, was to be a conduit of
information for them.

Bill Brock –Got ya. Is it ok if I post that. It will answer a lot of question
for people..

DW Lee– Most of the information is on the MABRC forums if people
will just take the time to go read it. U can post it.

Bill Brock –How can I contact the O-6

DW Lee – at this time, their is no contact information for the O-6, they
have ceased to exist and have evolved into the QUantra group.


Why are the MABRC forums not loading?

Darren of The Mid America Bigfoot Research Center has consistently operated the MABRC forums for the last 5 years. The forums are operated from a small server that Darren manages. The simple answer is the server was not capable of handling the amount of traffic that this news generated. The server was brought to its knees by sheer visitors. I confirmed this myself by speaking to Darren and he is working on a solution.

What is QUantra and ORIG-6?

QUantra is a group that consists of professional individuals with the means to carry out in-depth and technology laden research. ORIG-6 is the previous name of the group named QUantra. Ed Smith was a member of the ORIG-6 but is not a member of QUantra. More information about ORIG-6 is available on the MABRC forums, once they are back online. 

Stay tuned to Squatch Unlimited for the latest updates directly from MABRC.

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Comment by Bobbie Kean on January 5, 2013 at 12:41am

Any updates on this Rob?

Comment by Turtle on January 4, 2013 at 10:16pm
Yep. Nay sayers could spoil this for everyone.
Comment by mark Moseley on January 4, 2013 at 9:43pm

yeah, one thing i have noticed it simple. if it did not come from this or that particular group , it must be a hoax. most are in such a hurry to be first an famous. i hope this is real and i congratulate them on a job well done. yet i say bring Daisy out for the world to see just to shut the mouths of the neigh sayers.

Comment by Turtle on December 30, 2012 at 8:58am

We need to treat this story just like we should treat all stories from witnesses, with a healthy dose of skepticism.

Demanding anything from these guys, is probably the best way to see nothing at all. The reality is that if everything adds up, whoever supposedly has done this is not likely to want to release anything via the Bigfoot community when there are so many act in unprofessional dysfunctional ways.

Comment by Charlie on December 30, 2012 at 2:27am

I have already seen this is a hoax on one blog  ( one of biblical proportions if trure ) by a well known Hoaxer BUT then i have seen that Ed Smith said he's not making any more statements regarding Team Quantra does not mean that their claim of a captured Bigfoot named "Daisy" is a hoax. So patience is a virtue i think , sooner rather than later we would like a ' photo ' of Daisy .


Comment by John S. Melland on December 29, 2012 at 9:54pm

We all are wanting and expecting a Bigfoot body and timely information on "Daisy," as soon as humanly possible. Without any cooberating evidence and proof, than most involved in this will be considered hoaxers and have their names in the future totally discredited and looked down upon as people that will never be trusted or believed. I have seen them and believe in them but to prove to others for myself and millions of non believers. skeptics, and those that don't know at all, would be fantastic. Best of luck and best wishes with coming out and sharing with you this live Bigfoot. I suggested a few times that live video feed would be great where we all can see from where we are without you even giving up a location so we can be in awe from afar at least! Thank you.

Comment by Turtle on December 29, 2012 at 3:37pm

Okay, understood.

Comment by Joisey Gene Romo on December 29, 2012 at 11:16am

Forgive me nothing personal, I was speaking collectively . If this story is to be released , I hope it isn't prematurely . My frustration is with unsubstantiated or incomplete stories making national media, only to be ridiculed. making it even more difficult for legitimate evidence to be taken seriously in the future.

Comment by Turtle on December 29, 2012 at 9:47am

Mr Romo, please explain your comments?

Comment by Joisey Gene Romo on December 29, 2012 at 9:33am
I hope the media doesn't notice this story. Lord knows "they" don't need another reason to think were lunatics.

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